Suzy Williams: testimonial

OK, I am THRILLED! Thank you SOOOO much Rae! I couldn’t have survived without you, or I certainly wouldn’t have it done with such class!

PS: WE DID IT!!!!!!!!! Yayayayaaaaaaay!!!! 🐃🐏🐰🐸! Great flyin’ frroggies!!! I LOVE the way Bravo looks!!!! Wheeeee!

Suzy Wiliams

Suzy Williams + Michael Jost: Bravo indiegogo campaign

Suzy Williams + Michael Jost: Bravo Indiegogo web design by accurate expressions

Create Indiegogo campaign including film and edit of promo video, source and design of all promotional goods for perks – t-shirts, coffee mugs, and box of matches, campaign and social media management.