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Adding/Editing Auto Layouts

Auto layouts allow you to display content in columns, rows, carousels, or slideshows. Add your content, then choose your layout!

NB: Auto layouts are Page Sections, not Blocks.

Add an auto layout

To add an auto layout section:

  • Click Edit to edit your page
  • Click Add Section
  • Choose a List, People, or Headlines section, then look for the i icon in the right corner of the sections (the i indicates an auto layout!)
    NB: It doesn’t really matter which auto layout you choose, as you can edit the design to suit your needs, but it does help to start with something close to what you’re looking for

    Auto Layouts – List
    Auto Layouts – People
    Auto Layouts - Headlines
    Auto Layouts – Headlines

NB: All auto Layouts are added with dummy text

Edit an auto layout

  • If you’re not already editing your page, click Edit
  • Click the Edit Content button next to the standard section icons in the top right corner to add/edit auto layout content


Use this tab to toggle on/off what is displayed for the section and individual items.

  • Section – Title display a main section title above the individual items
  • Section – Button display a button for the whole section below the individual items
  • Items – Show Image display an image for each item
  • Items – Show Title display a title for each item (different to the section title)
  • Items – Show Body display body text for each item
  • Items – Show Button display a button for each item (different to the section button!)


Use this tab to add/edit the content for the section as well as each individual item.

  • Click Title to add a section title
  • Click Button to add a section button
  • Click an item in the list to add/edit content
    NB: if you’ve disabled an element, you won’t see it in the editor

    • Upload an Image
    • Set Image Alt Text
    • Add a Title
    • Add a Description
    • Add Button Text
    • Add a link for the button
    • Click < BACK to save the item content


  • Repeat for each item
  • Click ADD to add a new item
  • Click the Bin icon to delete an item
  • Click and drag the 6 grey dots to the left of the item to reorder items


Use this tab to change the design of your auto layout. Choose from one of three layouts:

  • Simple List displays items in a row from left to right. You can set the number  of columns which may shift some items to subsequent rows.
  • Banner Slideshow displays one item at a time with elements overlaying the main image. Visitors click arrows to scroll through each item.
  • Carousel displays items in a row from left to right, in a rotating carousel. Visitors click arrows to scroll through each item.

Each layout has its own settings allowing you to customise the display further.

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