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Setting up your new email address

Your mailboxes have been created, and your temporary passwords have been sent to you via text message. The next step is to add your email account to all your devices.

NB: if you’ve recently migrated your site, keep reading! The process is similar and you’ll need the same information, but you’ll be updating your devices, rather than creating new email accounts.

Information you’ll need

You’ll need the following information, all of which can be found in your Welcome Email or via your Control Panel.

  1. Your email address any mailboxes created by us will be listed in your Welcome Email – NB: Your user name is the same as your email address!
  2. Mailbox password passwords for any mailboxes created by us were sent to you via text message
  3. Your domain name well, you know this already!
  4. Your server’s host name you can find this in the top left corner of your Control Panel
  5. Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server details click on Mail Manager, then scroll to the bottom of that screen

Configure your email program

The following instructions are for setting up your email address on your devices.

NB: If you’ve recently migrated your site, instead of creating a new email account on your device, you’ll update the incoming and outgoing mail server details and your password, but the configuration screens in the instructions are basically the same.

  1. Once you’ve gathered the required information, open the instructions here then select the relevant email program:
  2. On the following screen, select the IMAP & SMTP over SSL option:
  3. Follow the steps!

general support

If you get stuck at any point, reach out for support!

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