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If your website is hosted with Accurate Expressions, 24 hour support is available free of charge via SureSupport, our hosting support portal who provide hosting-related technical support services with a super-fast turn around time.

15 minutes response time guaranteed

SureSupport replies to each support ticket within 15 minutes of its posting … Guaranteed!

Post a Support Ticket

Register for support

You’ll need to register first before you can log a ticket.

Information you’ll need

  • Control Panel username and password you can find this information in your Welcome Email

Where to register

  1. Register for support on the SureSupport website here
  2. Enter your desired username and select a secure password
  3. Enter your Control Panel login information
  4. Enter your Personal information
  5. Click Register

Register for SureSupport

Post a ticket

  1. Post a ticket at https://tickets.suresupport.com/ticket/create
  2. You may be prompted to login
  3. Be as descriptive as possible when you log your ticket. Saying “it’s not working” isn’t very helpful. Here’s a list of extremely helpful things to note in a support ticket:
    • listing the exact steps you took to get to where you ran into the issue
    • screenshots that include the URL of the page you are on
    • screenshots of error messages (or copy and paste the error message into the ticket description)
    • what were you expecting? what happened instead?
    • what browser were you using – Firefox, Chrome, Safari? (if you were using Internet Explorer, then I’d highly recommend downloading a different browser and never using IE ever again!)
    • are you on a PC or a Mac?

    All of these things (and more) are helpful for the person who is diagnosing the issue!

  4. Upload screenshots or use something like snipboard.io to share a screenshot via link

general support

If you get stuck at any point, reach out for support!

Contact Rae
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