Bailey’s Electrical: website design + build

Bailey's Electrical | website design by accurate expressions

A Squarespace 7.1 website build for my dear friend Trent Bailey from Bailey’s Electrical Contracting.

Thank you Rae, you exceeded my expectations with the website result. You were able to hear my ideas and then glue them together with your professional capabilities. Big love. Trent

A Lush Forest Media: website rebuild

A Lush Forest Media | website design by accurate expressions

A Squarespace rebuild from v7.0 to v7.1 for Paul Daley’s A Lush Forest Media. Always such a joy to work with beautiful images!

Thanks so much Rae!

Absolute pleasure to work with and co-create a new website with Squarespace 7.1.

You’ve been a total legend in guiding me to understand the back-end of my website and I appreciate the way you have been patient and understanding to work with my timeline.


~ Paul Daley

Wild Woman Herbals: website design + build

Wild Woman Herbals | website by accurate expressions

A Squarespace 7.1 build for Bianca Cashion’s Wild Woman Herbals, working with a gorgeous brand designed by Bella Gnecchi Ruscone at Beehive Creative.

Thank you so much I’ve loved working with you it’s been such a lovely journey that just flowed so naturally & I’m so grateful for all that you have done. Looking forward to getting to know the site!
– Bianca Cashion, Wild Woman Herbals