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Accordion Blocks

Accordion Blocks allow you to add information as a list of titles with clickable expandable text. They are an excellent way of displaying a lot of information in a small space, think FAQs, tech specs, and a variety of other lists.

Add an Accordion Block

  • Insert an Accordion Block by clicking the plus icon and selecting Accordion from the list:
    Add an Accordion Block | Squarespace | accurate expressions
  • By default, the Accordion block with have three items:
    Default Accordion Block | Squarespace | accurate expressions

Edit your Accordion Block

  • Text is added directly into the Settings window (not like editing a Text block!)
  • Click on Accordion Item 1 to edit to first section
    • Enter your Title
    • Enter your Description
    • Click BACK to return to the main Content window
      Edit Accordion Block | Squarespace | accurate expressions
  • Repeat for each section
  • Delete a section by clicking the red trash can icon
  • Add a new section by clicking ADD ITEM

Design your Accordion Block

  • Click on Design to edit the design of your Accordion Block:
    Design Accordion Block | Squarespace | accurate expressions
  • In the Design tab you can adjust the following settings:
    • Style for Title and Description
    • Expand the first item and/or allow for multiple items to be open
    • Turn Dividers on/off, set thickness and opacity
    • Change the icon image, style and placement
    • Adjust the row padding

general support

If you get stuck at any point, reach out for support!

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