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Add a link to jump to another section on a page (anchor link)

An anchor link is a link (or button) that allows you to jump to a specific section of a page (whereas a regular link will take you to the top of a page). It’s relatively easy to set this up, once you know how!

In this example, we’ll be making an anchor link to point to This section here on the Services page www.yoursite.com/services:

Squarespace Anchor Link | accurate expressions

Set your anchor link

The first step is to create the anchor. To do this, you’ll need to add a little piece of HTML code … don’t fret … it’s very easy!

  • Navigate to the spot you want to link to (the anchor)
  • Insert a Code Block above the block you want to link to (in this case, above the Text Block containing the “This section here” heading)
  • You’re going to add an empty <a> tag (which means it won’t display any text) that looks like this:
    Squarespace Anchor Link Code | accurate expressions
  • You’ll replace “this-section” with something that is meaningful to what you are linking to … don’t use spaces though! The name and id tags should be exactly the same. So your code might look like this:
<a name="myitem" id="myitem"></a>
  • Click outside the Code Block to save it

Set up your link or button

Next you’ll create a link using text or a button. For this example, we’ll create a button.

  • Navigate to the spot you want to add your link (it could be a different page)
  • Insert a Button Block
  • In the Link field, first select the page your anchor link is on by typing  / and selecting, in this case, /services
  • Next, you’ll add a hashtag # and then the name of the anchor link you created earlier (without the quote marks), for example, this-section
  • Your link should look like this:
  • Click outside the Button Block to save it’

That’s it!

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