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How to create a new Page in Facebook

Facebook Pages are different to your Personal Profile. You can manage multiple Pages for multiple businesses, but you’ll only ever have one Personal Profile.

Create a new Facebook Page

  • Login to Facebook using your personal login details
  • On the home screen (the one you see when you click the Facebook icon in the top left corner) click¬†See More at the bottom of the visible shortcuts underneath your avatar:
    Facebook Shortcuts | help from accurate expressions
  • Scroll down to click on Pages
    Facebook Shortcuts | help from accurate expressions
  • If you already manage some Pages you’ll see them listed under Your Pages and profiles:
  • Click + Create new Page
    Create new Facebook Page | help from accurate expressions
  • Follow the onscreen prompts to set up your new Page

Now that you’ve created your Page you may want to add other users as admins as well!

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