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Replace a media file

One of my favourite WordPress plugins is Enable Media Replace which allows you to replace an image by uploading a new one to replace it in the Media Library. That way you won’t end up with multiple versions of images you no longer need!

  • From your WordPress Dashboard, click on Media in left sidebar
  • Search for the file you want to replace
  • Click to select the file
  • In the right column you’ll see a bunch of fields, look for the button Upload a new file next to Replace media:
  • Click to display the Replace Media Upload screen:
  • Click on Choose File to select the new file (ensure new file is the same file type, ie, .pdf, .jpg, .png etc)
  • Choose your Replacement Options:
    • Just replace the file; or
    • Replace the file, use new file name and update all links
  • Choose your Date Options:
    • Replace the date
    • Keep the date
    • Set a Custom Date
  • Click Upload

Once you’ve replaced your media file, double check your site to ensure the new media is visible/downloadable. You’ll probably need to refresh your screen (Cmd-R on a Mac / Ctrl-F5 of a PC)

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