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Add a new user to your WordPress site

At some point you may want to add a new user to your WordPress site. Maybe you’ve got a new web person (hey, that could be me!), or maybe you have a contributing author on your blog, whatever the reason, it’s super easy to add a new user!

WordPress | Add New User | accurate expressions

  • Login to your WordPress site
  • Click on Users > Add New
  • At minimum, you’ll need to enter a Username and an Email address, and you can choose to fill in the rest of the info if you like
  • WordPress will generate a good, strong password for your new user, you may want to copy it and save it somewhere safe (the user will be able to reset their own password in any case)
  • Ensure the Send the new user an email about their account. box is checked
  • Select the required Role for your new user (NB: If it’s me you’re adding, please select Administrator!)
  • Click Add New User

User Roles

Here is a basic overview of the different user roles and the permissions associated with each one:

  • Subscribers can read comments/comment/receive newsletters, etc. but cannot create regular site content.
  • Contributors can write and manage their posts but not publish posts or upload media files.
  • Authors can publish and manage their own posts, and are able to upload files.
  • Editors can publish posts, manage posts as well as manage other people’s posts, etc.
  • Administrators have access to all the administration features.
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