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Invite a contributor to your Squarespace site

At some point you may want to give someone access to your Squarespace site. For example, if you’re working with me, I’ll most likely ask you to add me as an Administrator. Inviting a contributor is better than giving out your personal login details for a number of reasons, the main ones being no need to give out your password, and when you’ve finished working together you can remove them quickly and easily.


You can set different permissions for contributors:

  • Owner
  • Administrator
  • Billing
  • Website editor
  • Analytics
  • Comment moderators
  • Store manager
  • Email Campaigns editor
  • Viewer
  • Scheduling administrator
  • Scheduling view & edit
  • Scheduling view only

More info here: Squarespace permissions explained

Inviting a Contributor

To invite a contributor, you must be an Owner or Administrator of the site. Once logged in to your Squarespace site:

  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Permissions
  • Click the INVITE CONTRIBUTOR button
    Invite a Contributor | Squarespace | accurate expressions
  • Enter the name and email of your Contributor
  • Select the appropriate permissions
  • Click the INVITE button
    Invite Contributor | Squarespace | accurate expressions

Let your contributor know they will receive the following Contributor Invitation from Squarespace (make sure they check their Junk mailbox too!):

Contributor Invitation | Squarespace | accurate expressions

Edit Contributor Settings

Once the invitation has been sent, you will see their details on the Permissions page:

At any time (even before they have accepted the invitation) you can click on their name in the Contributors list and:

  • Update their permissions by turning toggles on/off
  • Copy the invitation link and send it to them manually (this is useful if your contributor didn’t receive their invitation):
    Invitation Link | Squarespace | accurate expressions
  • Cancel their invitation by clicking the three dots next to their name (before they’ve accepted the invitation):Cancel Contributor Invitation | Squarespace | accurate expressions
  • Remove permissions, and/or remove them altogether by clicking the three dots next to their name (after they’ve accepted the invitation):
    Remove Permissions | Squarespace | accurate expressions

general support

If you get stuck at any point, reach out for support!

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