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Add a collaborator to your Wix website

To add a collaborator to your Wix website, follow these steps:

  • From you site’s dashboard, click on Settings > Roles & permissions
    Wix Settings > Roles & Permissions | accurate expressions
  • Click the blue Invite Collaborators button
  • Enter your collaborator’s email address
  • Select the checkbox next to the relevant role/s (if you’re adding me, please select Admin)
    Wix Invite Collaborators screen | accurate expressions
  • Click Send Invite (you can skip the next screen that says “Let us know how you’re connected”, or you can select the appropriate option and click Done! If you’re adding me, you can select An agency or freelancer)
  • Your collaborator will then receive an invitation from Wix (wix-team@notifications.wix.com)
    wix collaborator invitation email

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