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What’s my password?

I’m not gonna lie … this is one of our least favourite questions!! While we do keep a record of the passwords we create for you (securely of course), it really is best practice for you to keep track of your own passwords (securely of course).

Online Password Managers

I use an online password manager called LastPass but there are many others out there, so pick your favourite and get cracking!

But we don’t want to leave you high and dry so …

Help, I can’t remember my password!

If you find yourself locked out of a program and you can’t locate your password, the best thing to do is reset your password.

Pretty much every login screen will have some kind of link:

  • Forgot your password?
  • Having trouble logging in?
  • Reset your password

Don’t be afraid … click the link!

Usually it will send you an email with a reset password link (you might have to enter the email address or username associated with the account). It might ask you to jump through some hoops like a Captcha, or an “I’m not  a Robot” link. Follow the steps and check your Inbox!

Resetting your password on some sites can be more complex, so if you really do get stuck, get in touch. But please do give it a go yourself first!

And yeah, the best bet is to sign up to a password manager!


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