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Collaborating with Webvizio

Collaborating on your new website project is easy with accurate expressions and Webvizio!

Your email invitation

You should have received your email invitation by now (if not, please check your Junk folder):

Webvizio Invitation Email | web design by accurate expressions

Create your free account

You will need to create your own free account with Webvizio:

  • Click the Go to the Project button in your invitation email
  • Then follow the onscreen prompts
  • You will receive a couple of emails from Webvizio in relation to your new account
  • You can also safely unsubscribe from Webvizio marketing emails by clicking the update your preferences link at the very bottom of the welcome email:

View and create tasks

Once you are logged in:

    • In Task mode create a new task by clicking on the area that needs reviewing
    • Click the + icon to assign the task to someone
    • Upload a file by clicking the paperclip icon
    • Set the priority by selecting High/Normal/Low from the dropdown
    • In Browse you can navigate around the website
    • Click on the All tabs icon to quickly open other pages
    • Click the Open in new window icon to view the live website
    • Click the computer screen icon to view the website on different screen sizes

New task emails

You’ll receive an email when a new task is assigned to you (even if you’ve unsubscribed to marketing emails):

Webvizio New Task Email | web design by accurate expressions

Filter the task list

By default, you will see ALL tasks (including ones assigned to accurate expressions). You can filter the list so you only see your own tasks:

  • Click the filter icon at the top of the Task List
  • Select your name
  • Click Apply

general support

If you get stuck at any point, reach out for support!

Contact Rae
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