TregearBPM: website redesign + build

TregearBPM | website redesign + build by accurate expressions

My website was 4 years old, and I thought it was OK. It needed a refresh, and everything can be improved, but it was OK. What was not OK was my ability to sell books and other products via the site. There was a facility, but it was pretty basic. I needed something much better for a new series of products. Rae Stanton was recommended to me as the person who would bring the magic.

And that’s what happened. What a joy to work with someone who really knows what they are doing, is excellent at listening and understanding, and not shy about suggesting a better way.

My brief to Rae wasn’t particularly detailed. It was more like “review/refresh and make it easier to sell stuff”. Rae understood that much better than I did and designed solutions to the important requirements I wasn’t able to articulate.

My website is now not OK – it’s magic! Better messaging, better focus, and a massive tech uplift. You’ll probably want to go buy some of my books, just to have the experience!

Need a little magic in your communications? Of course you do. You need Rae Stanton.

– Roger Tregear, TregearBPM

Your Massage Teacher: website design + build

Your Massage Teacher | website design + build by accurate expressions

Working with Rae was such an easy and blissful experience. I was impressed with her ability to intuitively know what I wanted and deliver everything quickly and efficiently. Looking forward to doing more projects together.
– Mariana Silva, Your Massage Teacher

In Your Face: website redesign + build

In Your Face Productions | website redesign + build by accurate expressions

Andy Bambach from In Your Face Productions got a fresh new website redesign for Christmas! Building on the updated logo I designed back in 2022, the design is heavy on black, with big, bold fonts. The site itself was built on the Squarespace platform.

Rae at Accurate Expressions was very helpful every step of the way while producing our new website. I am really happy with the professional look and clear navigation of our new site.
– Andy Bambach, In Your Face Productions

David Penglase: website rebuild

David Penglase | website rebuild by accurate expressions

I have been working with David for over 15 years, rebuilding his website as his needs change. I am so proud of our latest creation, another WordPress build.

A big thanks to the amazing Rae Stanton for creating the site and putting up with me through the process. (I highly recommend you to Rae Stanton for any webpage enhancements/developments).
– David Penglase

Kitome: website redesign + build

Kitome Website Rebuild by accurate expressions

Kitome were looking to speak to a more sophisticated client, so with this redesign I stripped everything back and let the house designs speak for themselves. A WordPress build which utilises the power of Advanced Custom Fields and the Elementor page builder.

Rae delivered our new website exactly on time, and exactly on budget. This was a large scope with many moving pieces. Through the process she made a point of not only keeping us up to date, but including us in decision making based on what we wanted the site to achieve. We’re truly grateful for the time and energy Rae delivered on this project. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking at her services and for expert advice.
– Craig Wright, CEO/Sales Manager, Kitome

Zest: website updates 2023

Zest Website Updates | web design by accurate expressions

A new flavour to add to the range means an update to the website – we revamped the home page, added the new product, and added some new recipes! Zest have a fabulous team of photographers, food stylists, and ceramicists which is the perfect recipe (pun intended!) to create stunning photos of their delicious flavours. I get hungry every time I work on their site!

Paper Daisy Ceremonies: website revamp

Paper Daisy Ceremonies | website design by accurate expressions

A Squarespace 7.0 website revamp for the fabulous Jen King from Paper Daisy Ceremonies. I loved seeing Jen’s exuberant personality come to life on her website! An absolute joy of a project to work on.

When I asked Rae of accurate expressions if she could sprinkle some magic fairy dust across my home-built Squarespace website, I had no idea just how literally she would take this!

My website now looks absolutely stunning and is full of life and sparkle. She has tweaked it with all kinds of elements like fabulous fonts, amazing transitions and ‘calls to action’ that have totally invigorated my website.

Having Rae work on my website has been my greatest business investment to date.

Best of all, it was really easy to work with her; she was extremely responsive, open-minded and overflowing with brilliant suggestions.

Thank you Rae. You are a genius and I have loved working with you!

I would absolutely recommend Rae to anyone wanting to make their website shine!

Jen King

Bailey’s Electrical: website design + build

Bailey's Electrical | website design by accurate expressions

A Squarespace 7.1 website build for my dear friend Trent Bailey from Bailey’s Electrical Contracting.

Thank you Rae, you exceeded my expectations with the website result. You were able to hear my ideas and then glue them together with your professional capabilities. Big love. Trent

A Lush Forest Media: website rebuild

A Lush Forest Media | website design by accurate expressions

A Squarespace rebuild from v7.0 to v7.1 for Paul Daley’s A Lush Forest Media. Always such a joy to work with beautiful images!

Thanks so much Rae!

Absolute pleasure to work with and co-create a new website with Squarespace 7.1.

You’ve been a total legend in guiding me to understand the back-end of my website and I appreciate the way you have been patient and understanding to work with my timeline.


~ Paul Daley