TregearBPM: website redesign + build

TregearBPM | website redesign + build by accurate expressions

My website was 4 years old, and I thought it was OK. It needed a refresh, and everything can be improved, but it was OK. What was not OK was my ability to sell books and other products via the site. There was a facility, but it was pretty basic. I needed something much better for a new series of products. Rae Stanton was recommended to me as the person who would bring the magic.

And that’s what happened. What a joy to work with someone who really knows what they are doing, is excellent at listening and understanding, and not shy about suggesting a better way.

My brief to Rae wasn’t particularly detailed. It was more like “review/refresh and make it easier to sell stuff”. Rae understood that much better than I did and designed solutions to the important requirements I wasn’t able to articulate.

My website is now not OK – it’s magic! Better messaging, better focus, and a massive tech uplift. You’ll probably want to go buy some of my books, just to have the experience!

Need a little magic in your communications? Of course you do. You need Rae Stanton.

– Roger Tregear, TregearBPM